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Results 2016

50th Championship Show Saturday 13th August 2016


We hope you all enjoyed your day with us, at Fleming Park Leisure Centre, and Julie & Committee celebrating our 50th Championship Show will look forward to seeing you all on Saturday 12 th August 2017.


Our grateful thanks must go to Julie and all the Committee and Helpers for their hard work that made this Show run smoothly and a success. With Alison & Ray helping out where ever they were needed. Once again we had the Dream Machine Andy from MF Penning and Family supplying us with our Penning requirements and helping out where ever they were needed and nothing was too much trouble. We also had Bob Bentley as our Duty Vet, we hope he enjoyed his day with us. Then of course the people we couldn’t have a Show without are our Table Workers.


The Best In Show results Are: Best Persian Adult: GR CH RIASCATZ DANDY LION (PER ds 03 21)M owned by Miss J Gore. Best Persian Kitten: REMILAKAT PABLO (PER ds 11) M. owned by Mr D.Mrs R Fairs. Best Persian Neuter: IGR CH & GR PR PERSILUS MR BIGGLESWORTH (PER w 62)MN. Owned by Mrs J Lovesy. Best Overall Persian Exhibit: IGR CH & GR PR PERSILUS MR BIGGLESWORTH (PER w 62) MN. Best Semi Longhair Adult: CH TIFFANY LARENDA (Imp) (MCO f 03 22)F. owned by: Mrs A Jones. Best Semi Longhair Kitten:HONBURY MONSTERMUNCH.(RGM n 03 22)MN. owned by: Mrs J Adams. Best Semi Longhair Neuter: UK & OBIGPR SUP K ISADORYOU MR BOJANGLES. (MCO n 03 22)MN. Owned by: Mrs T Cole.Overall Best Semi Longhair Exhibit: UK & OBIGPR SUP K ISADORYOU MR BOJANGLES. (MCO n 03 22)MN. Best British Adult: REVODNA RIO GRANDE. (BRI a).M.Owned by: Miss D Warnes. Best British Kitten: ABALUKI BETCHA BY GOLLYWOW.(BRI ny 12)F. Owned by: Mrs N Coleman. Best British Neuter: ADIFTON PERRIDOT. (BRI ns 12)MN. Owned by: Mrs J Bartley. Best Overall British Exhibit: REVODNA RIO GRANDE. (BRI a).M. Best Foreign Adult: IGR CH IRREP TICKED OFF.(ASH n 25) M. Owned by: Mrs P Mansaray. Best Foreign Kitten: CURTILLA MAYA . (RUS a).F. Owned by: Mrs L & Miss M Curtis. Best Foreign Neuter:GR PR FILANDRE CHASINASHADOW. (ALH a 11 31) MN. Owned by: Mrs E A James. Best Overall Foreign Exhibit: IGR CH IRREP TICKED OFF.(ASH n 25) M. Best Burmese Adult: PEARL LONG LONG TIME AGO. (BUR a) M. Owned by: Mrs H Marriott-Power & Miss V Marriott. Best Burmese Kitten: DULCINEA V BLAUEN PALAIS. (imp) (BUR c) F. Owned by: Mrs C M Turner-Russell. Best Burmese Neuter: PR OYIBO HORUS. (BUR e).MN. Owned by: Miss P Perkins. Best Overall Burmese Exhibit: DULCINEA V BLAUEN PALAIS. (imp) (BUR c) F. Best

Oriental Adult: ROZANDEN JAMAICAN MECRAZY. (OSH n) F. Owned By: Mrs K Davis. Best Oriental Kitten: BESTCATS MAGIC MOSAIK. (OSH f) F. Owned By: Mrs S Lee. Best Oriental Neuter: PR JOHPAS STANISLAV. (OSH d 03 33) MN. Owned By: Ms J A Emmens. Best Overall Oriental Exhibit: PR JOHPAS STANISLAV. (OSH d 03 33) MN. Best Siamese/BalineseAdult: CH ABICASA GABRIELLA. (SIA b) F. Owned by: Dr F Martin. Best Siamese/Balinese Kitten: SHERMESE DIAMANTE. (SIA n 21)F. Owned By: Mrs J Campbell-Mahoney. Best Siamese/Balinese Neuter: GR PR MOONFLEET SCANDALIZER. (SIA m 21) MN. Owned By: Mrs J Bright. Best Overall Siamese/Balinese Exhibit: SHERMESE DIAMANTE. (SIA n 21)F. Best Household Pet: Non-Pedigree: OSIGMC HEIDI. (SH Tabby)14yrs. Owned By: Mrs C A Tolhurst. Best Household Pet: Pedigree: IGMC ALBERTOS. (SLH blue point) 5yrs 1mth. Owned By: Mrs S Richardson. Best Overall Best In Show Household Pet: OSIGMC HEIDI. (SH Tabby)14yrs.


Congratulations to the Winning Cats & Owners for achieving Best Exhibits In Show 2016.


But let’s not forget WE ALL TAKE THE BEST EXHIBIT HOME at the end of the day.


Our sincere Thanks to everyone today for making this our last Show a success as Sheila & Ivor are now retiring after 31 years at the helm. We are leaving the Show in good hands take good care of it Julie. We must thank our family for sharing our last Show with us. Everyone shared a celebration cake with us. We had so many good wishes and cards from you all, Judges & Exhibitors alike.


We won’t forget the memories we have had together.


Ivor.Sheila Biggs. Julie Wilkinson Show Managers.Show Managers.